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Driving the Knit Wits

Unmistakable—thanks to her jaunty flybridge, white paint and teal trim, the 41-foot Knit Wits, the first Hatteras ever built, pulled up to the dock at Pier 66 Marina in Fort Lauderdale where we waited to board her. Thanks to a full restoration by the Hatteras factory team in 2013, she looked just as fresh and feisty as the day she launched in 1960—55 years ago.


The Hatteras Advantage: Superior Hull Construction

You want to be out where the fish are biting, even when it’s too rough for the other boats to leave the dock. That’s why every Hatteras hull is designed and built to give you a smooth, stable ride in turbulent offshore conditions.


The Hatteras Advantage: Onboard Electrical Systems

While Hatteras Yachts’ legendary ride, performance, comfort, and fishability get the lion’s share of attention, the equipment we manufacture for each of our boats also is purpose-built to deliver an exceptional experience. Take the electrical wiring systems and panels that keep your Hatteras lighted, running and safe. Our veteran technicians build them all by hand in-house to ensure your boat always has the electrical power you need when you need it.


The Hatteras Advantage: Interior Design

One of the many reasons owners ultimately choose to purchase a Hatteras is due to our ability to highly personalize their vessel. From slight modifications to general arrangements to installation of over-the-top backlit stonework, we won’t shy away from much. No two Hatteras Yachts are ever the same, as we work closely with our customers to ensure their yacht’s interior and exterior design, as well as overall amenities, embody their individual needs, desires and dreams.


The Hatteras GT Experience

Sports car handling, sea-kindliness and 40+ knots.


The Hatteras Advantage: Noise Suppression

The Hatteras in-house design and engineering team has made noise suppression a priority for decades.


The Hatteras Advantage: The Engine Room

When Hatteras owners take guests on a tour of their yacht, they often save the best part for last − the engine room. Every machinery space, from the GT59 to the GT70, is Intelligently designed, well-equipped, and surgically clean, showcasing the best of Hatteras engineering, design and construction technology.