The Hatteras Advantage: Interior Design

One of the many reasons owners ultimately choose to purchase a Hatteras is due to our ability to highly personalize their vessel. From slight modifications to general arrangements to installation of over-the-top backlit stonework, we won’t shy away from much. No two Hatteras Yachts are ever the same, as we work closely with our customers to ensure their yacht’s interior and exterior design, as well as overall amenities, embody their individual needs, desires and dreams.


The interior design process typically begins during our owners’ initial visit to the Hatteras factory in New Bern, N.C., where they meet our in-house Interior Designer. During this visit, Cullen will discuss the owners’ desired overall look and feel of their yacht, along with how they will ultimately use the space onboard, both interior and exterior – it all goes hand-in-hand. 

One of the first decisions required for each build is the selection of the cabinetry wood or woods used to construct all of the built-in cabinets throughout the boat,” Cullen said. “This choice drives all of the materials and fixtures we end up incorporating into the yacht, including items such as wood flooring, stone and tile, lighting, free-standing furniture design and all other furniture, fixtures, and equipment used to create these personalized spaces on our yachts.”


Following closely behind the cabinetry wood, the next decisions fall under what Hatteras calls “Hard Décor.” This includes all items running the gamut from flooring, countertops, and tile to faucets, sinks, cabinetry hardware, and light fixtures.


“With some clients, we dive even deeper into the details and have installed custom lighting switches and switch plates, powered leather-wrapped blinds, and heated tile floors in the heads,” Cullen said. These selections segue into “Soft Décor,” which includes all furniture, bedding, wall coverings, and carpets. Items, such as lamps, bath towels, china, flatware, and glasses (for our larger yachts) also are chosen.