A Hatteras Yacht does not aspire to offer a luxury. That is simply where we begin. It is beyond that point – and within the experience each voyage offers – that you begin to understand the true Hatteras difference. That difference, for over half a century, has allowed Hatteras to stand as the benchmark of quality and innovation to which all others aspire.

Willis Slane envisioned a fishing boat strong enough to withstand the waves off Cape Hatteras, where his prey of choice, the marlin, grow as big as the swells.


Two strong currents collide near Cape Hatteras: pride and perseverance. We’re a product of the storied coastal waters from which we borrow our name. Unforgiving seas where, for hundreds of years, dreams were sacrificed and legends born. So when others say we’re obsessed with over-engineering every detail, we know it is simply the right way to build a yacht. The uncompromising union of inspired design, breakthrough innovation and unmatched craftsmanship.

Our commitment began 60 years ago when Hatteras founder, Willis Slane, envisioned a new breed of fishing boat. One strong enough to tame the waves off Cape Hatteras. What followed was the birth of a legend. Beginning with the Knit Wits, the 41-foot fiberglass yacht that revolutionized the industry, Hatteras served notice that our yachts would now be the standard to which all others were judged – above and below the waterline.


From that initial breakthrough vessel to each innovative yacht that has followed through the decades, Hatteras has offered a level of craftsmanship focused on perfecting every detail and over delivering on every expectation. When Hatteras began, some asked why our yachts were made this way. These days, they just want to know how.

There is an undaunted spirit in the Hatteras brand. You can see it in the obsessive work of the men and women who pour their talent and heart into building each legendary vessel. You can feel it in the way the Hatteras hull cuts confidently through waters that lesser boats dare not enter. But more than anything, you can witness it inside the ambitious souls who make Hatteras an expression of their own drive for adventure. Those who are unwilling to compromise and determined to push boundaries. So, for all those who celebrate a life without limits, we welcome you aboard.

The sea creates winners and losers everyday. Know which side you’re on.


For 60 years, Hatteras has set the standard to which all other yachts aspire. That began with producing the world’s first fiberglass yacht over 40 feet and pioneering the revolutionary convex and modified-V hull. And while decades of design and engineering have resulted in a long list of patents and accolades, our focus continues to be on everything yet to come.

From hull and propulsion breakthroughs to on-board connectivity and interior design, a commitment to innovation fuels every aspect of our business. And in the process, we’re creating a legacy for others to chase and an unmatched experience for a fortunate few to enjoy.


Convex and modified-V hulls for optimal performance under widest range of conditions.

Double chine and side “step-outs” offer dryer ride and more interior space.

In-house designed multi-bladed hybrid propellers offer improved fuel economy, reduced vibration and a quieter ride.

Deep gear ratio improves efficiency and thrust capabilities.

Revolutionary deep tunnel design for enhanced performance and rudder response

Patented air induction system reduces noise and vibration by over 200%.

Resin Infusion for stronger and lighter decks, bulkheads and other parts.

Electrical systems surpass all NMMA, ABYC and National Electric Code standards.

High-gloss and UV-resistant paint on every exterior surface. The most durable coat in the industry.

Custom finishing and design available across every element of the yacht, including luxury materials, furnishings and appliances.

“Our designs reflect who the owner is today – and where they intend to take their yacht tomorrow.” —Cullen Moser, Lead Designer


Exceed every expectation. It’s a blueprint that guides the engineering and construction of our legendary yachts. It’s a philosophy that extends to the experience you will discover from our very first consultation. And it’s a commitment that ensures every moment aboard a Hatteras reflects your personal vision and pursuit of a life without limits.


Hatteras involves owners at every stage of the design-build process. This includes an initial consultation at our headquarters in North Carolina to outline your wish list, including technology integration and choice of several amenity combinations. A dedicated team, led by your personal sales consultant, will guide you through every step of the planning and construction process to ensure your dream is realized.

Our seasoned Hatteras design team will work with you to develop an interior plan that fully realizes your vision and reflects your personality. This includes the ability to personalize several features to your tastes. Everything from appliances and galley tile to furniture upholstery and wall coverings can be impacted by your choice of finishing packages.


Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end when the keys are handed over. In fact, it’s only the beginning. A multi-day orientation session is offered with each purchase, including the ability to have members of the Hatteras team join you for portions of your maiden voyage. And in the days, weeks and years that follow, you’ll have the added peace of mind of direct access to your Hatteras team whenever you need assistance. That commitment is also backed by an industry-leading 1-Year Warranty on all systems and a 10-Year Structural Warranty.