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Countdown to the Triple Crown!

Hatteras Angling Team in Contention for Los Sueños Tournament Series Concluding March 27-30

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The Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown is an annual catch-and-release tournament series that awards 100 points per sailfish and 500 point per marlin release. This year’s series kicked off on January 15th with the 1st Annual Los Sueños Ladies Only Tournament. The one-day event drew 17 boats and 49 anglers. With just half an hour to go before “lines out”, two other boats were tied for the lead when anglers Laura Jessen and Michelle Keeney on Fish Tank radioed the judges. They had just hooked a marlin that, along with the 8 sails they released earlier in the day, pushed their points total over the top for the win!.

On January 17, Leg 1 of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown got under way. The field was packed with 44 teams and a total of 210 anglers on the water. Day 1 was slow for Team Fish Tank, but by the end of Day 2, it had made the leader board in 3rd place with 2,400 points after releasing 9 sails. By noon on Day 3, the team had climbed into 1st place with a narrow, 100-point lead over the 2nd-place boat. But then their reels began to sing, and by the end of the day, Team Fish Tank had raised its total to an impressive 4,600 points – 1,200 more than the next-place team – handily winning Leg 1..

“Such an incredible week!” Chris Jessen posted on Instagram following the two tournaments..

Leg 2 of the Triple Crown, held on February 27–March 2, saw an increase both in competition and in hook-ups as the sailfish bite turned red-hot. During Leg 1, the 44 participating teams released 648 billfish over three days, or 15 fish per boat. For Leg 2, the 45 teams competing in the tournament released a total of 2,063 billfish, or an average of 46 fish per boat. Team Fish Tank released more than its share, including an amazing 32 sails on Day 3 alone, but it wasn’t quite enough to claim the lead. Team Galati finished in 1st place with 81 sailfish and 1 marlin release for 8,600 points, followed by Fish Tank in 2nd place with 82 sailfish releases for 8,200 points..

After these two incredible legs, Team Fish Tank is in a strong position coming into Leg 3 with a total 12,800 points – 2,900 more than the next-highest ranked boat. Stay posted on the results of this heart-stopping competition by visiting

Following the Triple Crown, the Jessens and Capt. Ben will be back in the U.S.A. campaigning the new GT59 Hatterascal at major billfish tournaments on the Gulf and East Coasts. Tight Lines, Team Hatteras!.