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GT63 Post One Crosses the Atlantic

This July, GT63 Post One traveled from St. George's Harbor in Bermuda to Horta Marina in Faial, Azores—a nine-day, 1800 nautical mile run across the Atlantic Ocean. She is one of the first sportfishing boats to complete the journey on her own bottom, with assistance from 147-foot mothership Dorothea III.

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Hatteras GT63 Post One serves as a fishing "tender" to 147-foot superyacht Dorothea III. This July, the pair journeyed in tandem from Bermuda to Horta, Azores. Unlike most tenders, Post One was not towed behind her mothership but completed the transatlantic journey on her own bottom. Post One is one of the first sportfishing boats to complete this feat.
Below is the logbook of Dorothea III's captain, John Crupi.

Logbook Update: Day 1

Post One and Dorothea departed Bermuda via Town Cut at 1830 local time on 12 July for Horta Azores. Voyage total 1895nm. Estimated speed 10.5 knots @ 850 RPM/18 GPH Captain Josh Heater is at the helm of Post One, accompanied by his father and Master Unlimited Jay Heater, Curt Vandervere, and Tessa Setzer. As of 1700z/1400 ship time, both vessels are located at 33.03n/60.36w making 11.1 knots under mostly clear skies. Winds are E/SE at 18/22 and seas are 3-5 feet. Next check in tomorrow at 1200 ship time.

Post One Departs Bermuda

Logbook Update: Day 2

At 1400z/1100 ship time, Post One and Dorothea III are located at 33.46n/56.23w or 425 miles east/northeast of Bermuda.

Estimated speed 10.5 knots @ 850 RPM/18 GPH

We are experiencing mostly clear skies with moderate to breezy conditions due to the remnants of stalled subtropical storm Beryl. Conditions should improve as we travel toward the Bermuda/Azores high presently located 250nm east of our position.

Underway replenishment of fuel has been canceled today due to sea conditions. We will evaluate conditions tomorrow morning and hopefully schedule fueling for later tomorrow afternoon. Next update tomorrow between 1000/1300z. 

Day 2 of Post One's transatlantic crossing

Logbook Update: Day 3

As of 1700z, Post One and Dorothea II were located at 35.06n/50.54w or 728 nm East of Bermuda. All is well here, as the easterly trades are subsiding and the much-anticipated Azores high is in place. Post One took 1450 gallons of diesel today, along with other provisions. Captain Josh Heater reports “all systems operational." Next update tomorrow at 1300z.

7-15-18 refueling from Dorothea III

Logbook Update: Day 4

As of 1400z, Dorothea and Post One are located at 36.08n 46.36w or 936 nm east-northeast of Bermuda. We have found “high” pressure and with that comes light breezes, sunny skies, and calm seas. Captain Heater reports all is well on Post Oneall systems operational. 

So far in our journey:
Total fuel burn for Post One: 1950 gallons
Total hours underway: 92
Gallons of water made: 850
Total fuel onboard as of this report: 1525
Post one's replenishment yesterday from Dorothea III was 1385 gallon of diesel fuel.

Today was pizza day on Dorothea and a favorite of Captain Heater and the Post One crew.

Logbook Update: Day 5

Day 5 has been about as good as it gets with gentle breezes and flat, calm conditions. High pressure is a wonderful thing! Captain Josh Heater is reporting all systems operating normallythe GT63 is performing flawlessly. Thank you Team Hatteras! You built us a good one! 

As of 1500z, Dorothea and Post One are located at 38.32n/42 30w or 812 nm west/northwest of Azores and are making 9.0 knots. A cold front is forecasted to impact the Azores Thursday into Friday so we have slowed our speed, allowing this to pass east of us. Our ETA into Hora is Saturday 0800.

Next update tomorrow.

Logbook Update: Day 7

Day 7 is sunny with light NNE breezes 10-15 knots and seas of 1-3 feet. We’re still in the high pressure and all is well aboard Post One.  Fishing preparations have begun in anticipation of our arrival into Horta.

As of 1500z, Dorothea and Post One are located at 41 28N and 34 07W.

Yesterday was full of life with numerous pods of dolphins visiting us as well as several pods of Sperm Whales with babies by their sides. Sunset is now at 21:10z and the photo doesn’t do it justice.

Logbook Update: Day 8

As we made our way into day 8, skies have become partly cloudy and air/sea temps have dipped into the 70s. For most, that's not a big deal; however, when you spend most of your life chasing summer around the world, wearing a coat is somewhat unusual!

We connected with Post One just after lunch (ship time) and gave them a few supplies and a final fuel replenishment of 1050 gallons. As of 1700z, both Dorothea and Post One are located at 40 10.0n / 30.13.0w or 165nm west/northwest of Horta, Azores. Almost there! Captain Josh has done an amazing job and Post One has performed flawlesslya real tribute to the Hatteras brand and people that build these boats. Thank you! 

Next update will hopefully be tomorrow dockside from Horta!


Logbook Update: Day 9

At 0800z (local time) Post one arrived in Horta, Azores. The 1985nm, 9-day trip was among the first of her kind, according to 30-year resident and port agent Duncan Sweet. Post One arrived standing tall, with crew excited to be safe and secure tied up in the Horta city Marina. Post One performed flawlessly and besides a wash down and some interior cleaning, fishing preparations have begun and she will be fishing for blue marlin on Azores Bank tomorrow! Captain Heater did an amazing job and all that know him are very proud of what he has accomplished. Great job Josh!

Captain Crupi's final thoughts on the journey:

I’ve called the ocean home for more than 20 years. Having traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, you sort of become used to things not going as planned. When we first came up with the idea of both Dorothea III and Post One crossing the Atlantic together, my mind immediately switched to the ‘what ifs’ and contingency planning to deal with issues underway. While we had plans in place for these ‘what ifs’, they simply never happened. Between June 19th and July 21st, Post One traveled 4,085 nautical miles on her own bottom from Panama to Azores, Portugal. During this she also fished six days in Bermuda. That is a total of 27 days underway in a 33-day time span without a single issue. That is simply amazing. 

Captain Josh Heater of Post One had this to say: 

 “Team Hatteras isn’t a conceptit’s a reality. The attention to detail, advanced hull design, engineering, and fit and finish is what makes this boat and this brand a legend. As the saying goes, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ and that is a philosophy that is applied at its highest level from lamination through delivery. Thank you, Team Hatteras - you built us a great boat!”