The Hatteras Refit Center

Whether you are the proud owner of an eighteen year old Hatteras 130 Motor Yacht, or a 60 Convertible half that age - The Hatteras Refit Center is the perfect resource for you! Unlike other yards, we specialize in Hatteras Yachts exclusively. Why? Because we are Hatteras Yachts, and we have the experience, skill-set, and infrastructure to take care of your Hatteras better than anyone!

Our amazingly skilled team of craftsmen can repower your classic with the latest in marine diesel technology, add new electronics, repaint the exterior, or refresh the interior with new decor to take advantage of current design trends. We can recreate the fine quality and attention to detail that has been a hallmark of Hatteras for fifty years.

Here are just a few ways we can help return your Hatteras to her finest glory:

Re-Power Services

Including engine, transmisson, shaft and wheel replacement

Exterior Paint

Executed in a controlled environment to a "new boat" finish

Electronics Upgrades

Offering the latest in navigation, systems monitoring, and communication

In-House Design Team For New Decor

With soft goods produced on site

Replace Old Cabinetry

Beautiful new mahogany, cherry or maple with a fine satin or high-gloss finish

Complete Engineering Staff

Supports all structural, electrical and mechanical work

Replace Old Glass

New frameless windows take the place of old framed windows that were prone to leaking

If you are updating your cherished Hatteras, or looking to acquire an older "diamond in the rough" - we are here for you. Call 252-684-4883 to get started today!

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